Leadership transition coaching: a strategy to foster a positive workplace culture

Date: Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Time: 2:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60-minutes

Organizations today recognize the importance of developing a strong organizational culture. According to Gallup, frontline leaders account for 70 percent of the variance between a great culture and a lousy one. However, new leaders are often promoted from within or hired into an organization with minimal direction and support, leaving new leaders to learn for themselves what it means to be a leader. When inevitable challenges arise, new leaders are often left without the support they need to survive, let alone thrive.

Since 2009, CareSource, a nonprofit managed care plan based in Dayton, Ohio, has offered new leaders a certified personal coach to proactively develop and sustain their culture. The Leadership Transition Coaching program pairs new leaders with a certified coach to help define their leadership style and facilitate a positive team culture to ensure organizational success. The program is yielding more confident new leaders and a strong return on investment for the organization. 

Session participants will:

  • Explore the importance of developing and supporting new leaders in order to foster a positive culture.
  • Learn how CareSource has successfully leveraged leadership transition coaching to support the                             development of new leaders.
  • Identify key elements for developing a successful, sustainable internal coaching program.

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Stover (Doug) Headshot.jpg

   Doug Stover
   CareSource University

Doug Stover is the Director of CareSource University, CareSource’s internal learning and development function. Stover has been with CareSource for 11 years and has more than 17 years of leadership experience in health care, banking, and retail industries. Stover’s philosophy on leadership is that leadership is less about production, sales and output measures and more about people. A successful leader is one who can create an environment that allows others to be successful. Production, sales and output measures will happen if the leader creates an environment that allows others to have ownership of those outcomes.

Within CareSource, Stover is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the learning function. Stover also oversees and facilitates leadership development content designed for all levels of the organization from individual contributor to executive. In addition, Stover is a leadership mentor, group mentor and informal coach.

Matt Becker_SQ.jpg

   J. Matthew Becker
Manager of Coaching and Mentoring
   CareSource University

J. Matthew Becker is the coaching and mentoring manager for CareSource, a nonprofit managed care health plan headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. Becker has been with CareSource for 13 years and has more than 17 years of experience in human resources development with a focus on leadership development, interpersonal skill development, coaching and mentoring. He has a master’s degree in education in human resource development from Xavier University and is a professional certified coach through the International Coach Federation. 

Within CareSource, Becker designed and runs the Leadership Transition Coaching program, which provides a coach to all new leaders to support their transition into their new role. CareSource was awarded the honorable mention in the International Coach Federation’s 2014 Prism Award program for the Leadership Transition Coaching program. In addition to coaching new leaders, Becker coordinates two internal mentoring programs and facilitates leadership development courses. Since late 2013, he has served as co-leader of the International Coach Federation’s Internal Coaching Community of Practice.