Activity as a Surrogate for Results

Date: Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Time: 2:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60-minutes

Organizations are full of busy people – every day is filled with meetings, to-do lists, phone calls, reports, hallway discussions, fires to put out and other surprises that disrupt the day. Do you ever wonder if all this activity makes a difference for your organization? How can you effectively lead and reach organizational goals when tomorrow looks just as “busy” as today?

Join Darden Executive Education and Professor Lynn Isabella to explore the competencies your executives need to separate activity from productivity for themselves and their teams. Lynn will share an approach that enables leaders to:

  • Have more productive interactions with those around them
  • Achieve meaningful results in their daily work
  • Positively impact talent development
  • Effectively drive change efforts

We will also discuss your personal productivity challenges and how you can help your organization make time to better understand employees and have critical conversations before the fires start burning.

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   Lynn Isabella
Associate Professor of Business Administration

   University of Virginia Darden Executive Education

Isabella has published numerous articles in the areas of leadership and change, career management, strategic alliances and partnerships. She has also researched and authored many original case studies focused on U.S./international companies and problems that present themselves in these situations. 

As a certified executive coach, Professor Isabella helps managers and executives achieve their highest leadership potential in order to do the best work of their career and inspire others to do the same.

As a management consultant, she has extensive international experience with companies worldwide, helping them develop their global leadership talent and organizational effectiveness. She regularly works with companies in Central and Eastern Europe through IEDC, Bled School of Management in Slovenia and has extensive experience in Latin and South America, China, Africa and Western Europe. 

As a researcher, she focuses on questions of leading change as a middle manager, developing one's collaborative leadership abilities, understanding the mindsets that shape individual careers and propel organizational change.