Getting started using learning data to improve design

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A savvy facilitator observes the body language of their participants to gauge interest and engage. While an online environment lacks the face-to-face interaction, every drop-off, click, or share is a learner shouting their likes and dislikes. These actions are the digital equivalents of the eyerolls, smiles, and arms-crossed in the classroom. But are we paying attention? Learn practical ways to use data you already have access to in ways to uncover valuable insights and make design decisions with better results, increased engagements, and save your content from the digital dustbin.

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   Lori Niles-Hofman
Director, Digital Learning


Lori Niles-Hofmann is a senior learning adviser with 15 years of global experience in industries ranging from finance, consulting, and marketing. She has led through the L&D alphabet starting with the old CD-ROMs up to the LMS and onward to AR and VR. She blogs regularly at www.lori.ca.