Harnessing Human Capital — The Intersection and Alignment of Strategies Around Business, Talent Management and L&D

Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Time: 2:00 PM EST

Duration: 60-minutes

In this session, the presenter will provide insights into how best to align three strategic functions within every organization: attracting, developing and deploying talent in ways that progress the organization’s mission and help it achieve its objectives. During the webinar we will take a pragmatic look at how partnering across an organization can create greater synergy in each of these strategic functions and align the activities to complement one another in reaching strategic goals. No matter if your organization is decentralized or centralized in its approach for attracting, developing and deploying talent effectively, the concepts discussed can be utilized in any structure. L&D functions have struggled for so long with determining how to show impact to their organizations, and through this session we will work to bring the “how” into greater focus.

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Chad's 2019_SQ 

   Chad Melvin
VP, Human Resources - Talent Delivery and Enablement


Leads Aflac education efforts to develop talent to best support the goals and objectives of the company. Ensures quality educational opportunities are provided in a variety of formats and media that allow for personal and professional growth while aligning opportunities to the strategic direction of the organization. Analyzes the current talent skillsets and develops opportunities to build on strengths within the organization, while also concentrating on areas of opportunity to build on needed skill sets.

Oversees Talent Acquisition efforts for Enterprise talent needs to ensure that correctly skilled talent is acquired for all roles in the organization. Ensures that proper and effective hiring practices are in place that allow Aflac to attract high quality talent and continues to be seen as an employer of choice by candidates.