How to measure informal learning's value

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We’re hearing it everywhere: today’s workers are learning every day, in a variety of ways, on and offline.  In fact, more than 70 percent of workers surveyed say they learned something useful for their job from an article, a video or a book in the last 24 hours. Yet at the organization level, very little data is captured on what employees are learning in the course of doing their jobs. Regularly, measurement ends when the training program is over, and the details captured are minimal.

With the rise in informal learning opportunities comes the increasing need for a mechanism to assess how well learners are retaining their newfound knowledge. Join CredSpark and Degreed to better understand:

  • Why it is essential to assess and capture metrics around informal learning
  • Best practices for implementing informal learning assessments as a method of engagement to        reinforce the learning taking place.
  • How to leverage findings from assessments to provide the learner specific opportunities to              identify skill gaps

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