learning delivery across the employee life cycyle

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Employee life cycle journey maps are getting more and more complex as learning and development professionals strive to create learning experiences that reach and serve employees in diverse functions and locations. In this webinar, Elisa Vincent, Senior Director of Talent Development and Learning Services at Bright Horizons Family Solutions, will explore various delivery methods that extend both the reach and impact of learning across the employee life-cycle – from virtual professional development webinars, to massively open social communities, to internal coaching, to cross-functional project work sponsored through internally crafted leadership programs. Participants will walk away with high impact and low investment resources on how to use learning technology to effectively build a culture of learning at all career stages.

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   Elisa Vincent
Senior Director, Talent Development and Learning Services
   Bright Horizons

Elisa Vincent is Senior Director of Talent Development & Learning Services at Bright Horizons. She leads the development, delivery, and strategic implementation of enterprise-wide learning solutions to meet employee and business goals and objectives. She serves as both a leader of internally crafted learning solutions and a curator of development opportunities available to employees across external networks. Prior to joining Bright Horizons, Elisa held various roles in leadership development, diversity and inclusion consulting, and as a talent and career coach. She is dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations achieve excellence through continuous learning and development. She is a proud mother of two boys and a Bright Horizons parent.