Lessons Learned from Adobe’s Performance Management Revolution

Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Time: 2:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60-minutes

Adobe Systems’ successful business transformation to a cloud-based business with a subscription model required significant shifts in infrastructure, mindsets and practices. Listening deeply to leaders, managers and employees, Adobe’s employee experience team abolished the annual performance review process for a light-weight performance management approach that provided more flexibility in a fast-paced environment. Adobe’s approach, called Check-in, removed complexity and bureaucracy that didn’t serve the business but focused on the “critical few” activities that supported business growth. This wasn’t just a process change but a different level of engagement from leaders, managers and employees with a greater sense of ownership and responsibility. 

Angela Szymusiak will share the underlying philosophies behind the design, how Adobe integrated Check-in into its people practices and the change management strategies used for a successful implementation

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Angela Arvizu Szymusiak_SQ 

   Angela Szymusiak

Angela Szymusiak has contributed to the transformation of Adobe’s strategy and approach to managing and developing its global workforce. She was a key contributor and thought leader to the elimination of the global annual review process and redesign and implementation of the more flexible, lighter-weight Check-in approach. She is the producer of Adobe’s flagship women’s leadership development program and creator and facilitator to many of Adobe’s leadership and management development experiences. As part of Adobe’s diversity and inclusion initiative, she has designed and facilitated engaging and powerful learning experiences to build Adobe’s diverse leadership pipeline. Szymusiak has lead cross-functional programs and initiatives related to Adobe’s culture and values and performance management. Szymusiak holds a bachelor’s degree in human biology and a master’s degree in sociology/organizational behavior from Stanford University.