Leveraging Internal Executives and Peer Learning to Impact L&D Culture and Objectives Across the Globe

Date: Thursday, September 26, 2019

Time: 2:00 PM EST

Duration: 60-minutes

Accessing third-party experts to help develop leaders across a global organization is certainly possible, but is that the best option for the company and those leaders who need real world skills, wisdom and insights as part of their development? Using talented internal trainers is an option as well, but again is that the best option? Can you instead leverage an internal faculty of senior executives and combine that with a focus on virtual peer learning sessions as a strategy to supplement your traditional learning options? If the answer is yes (hint: it is), what are the benefits of these initiatives and how can you measure the cultural and practical impact.

Join Jay Rhodes, senior director of global learning and development, and Victoria James, director of learning and development UK/IE and EMEA for BCD Travel, as they share insights into the development, implementation and measurement of leadership faculty and peer learning initiatives across a global organization.

Walk away with practical suggestions on:

  • How to impact the learning culture with nontraditional learning initiatives.
  • Designing and implementing a formal leadership faculty program.
  • How to utilize peer learning as a creative and effective solution to practical training and social learning needs.
  • Using a simple impact assessment approach for measuring the success of current and new learning initiatives.

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Jay Rhodes BW 

   Jay Rhodes

Jay Rhodes serves as the senior director for global learning and development for BCD Travel. Using a varied background in sales, finance, e-learning and traditional talent management and L&D, Rhodes’ passion is finding creative and practical solutions for driving change in organizational learning culture, enhancing performance, measuring impact and coordinating with diverse teams and talents to do so. Rhodes currently works with a global team of trainers and instructional designers to make sure that the companies’ 13,500 employees operating in 109 countries get what they need to develop their “confident self” — so they can thrive in their current roles and prepare for their future success. His most recent areas of focus have been implementing a companywide competency model, retiring that same model after six years!, creating a BCD Travel leadership faculty using the company’s top senior executives, using the 70-20-10 model as a foundation for changing the learning culture within BCD, implementing a peer learning program to supplement traditional talent development offerings, and integrating the company’s current LinkedIn Learning offering into existing development initiatives in order to maximize online adoption and reduce overall global training spend. Rhodes earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia and his master’s degree from Georgia State University. Rhodes lives in Atlanta with his wife, two dogs and three sons.


   Victoria James

Victoria James is currently director, learning and development for UKIE and EMEA at BCD Travel. James is responsible for leading and managing all things learning and development primarily on a regional level, however she is also part of the team responsible for the management and implementation of global talent initiatives across the business.

James began her career in human resources with BCD Travel 20 years ago, and is a chartered member of the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development in the U.K. James transitioned into learning and development at BCD Travel 13 years ago and has never looked back.

Prior to joining BCD Travel, James held a variety of human resources roles in top level hotels and restaurants in London, which provided a breadth of experience, particularly in the area of service excellence.

James lives in the U.K. and enjoys spending free time with her family.