Micro, Mobile and Measured: Our Learning Beyond the Classroom Strategy for the iGen Workforce

Date: Thursday, October 17, 2019

Time: 2:00 PM EST

Duration: 60-minutes

As a great shift change looms on the horizon, many training orgs struggle to balance strategic planning and large-scale delivery of effective training during an unprecedented volume of churn. As boomers retire, the iGen replacement workforce expects that training on the job will match the learning style they grew up with — tech-enabled, personalized, self-guided and on-demand in mobile-friendly microlearning chunks. The digital transformation from traditional instructor-led training to self-guided delivery of iGen-friendly content has been a continuous improvement journey. Recognizing that the currency of the modern learning economy is your learner’s attention — hard to get and harder to keep — we are leveraging HTML5 and a learning technology stack to evolve our user learning experience design into a powerful consumer-level experience for corporate learning audiences. Gulfstream shares our Learning Beyond the Classroom strategy that allows for mobile-first design of scalable, sustainable training at the learner’s time and place of need.

Application on the Job:

  • Gain insight into a scalable, sustainable training delivery solution that is both mobile-first design thinking and agile.
  • Capture and analyze user behavior within self-guided training to enable data-driven decision-making for learning strategy.
  • Review our list of measuring tools, technologies and techniques to capture people readiness as a powerful KPI and make data-driven decisions that improve the probability of success for your next-generation workforce.

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   Jason Moore

Jason Moore is the manager of Gulfstream Aerospace’s new Alternative Learning Technology and Programs team, challenged with creating scalable, sustainable and mobile-friendly e-learning tools and products. His team’s Learning Beyond the Classroom strategy won national recognition with the 2015 ASUG Excellence in SAP Education award, and he has been partnering as a trusted adviser with other training organizations in various industries since. Moore is passionate about leading the digital transformation charge to design and deliver media-rich, high-quality user learning experiences (ULX). He regularly coaches traditional instructional designers looking to building the new core skill set required to evolve into ULX designers specializing in mobile-first design thinking. As an entrepreneur and former business owner in Savannah, Georgia, Moore understands the critical need of corporate training organizations to develop and expand their brand image to retain relevance with their customers in a rapidly changing marketplace, and develop tech-enabled product offerings to exceed the sophisticated expectations of modern learners.