Modernizing L&D: Part 3 – The real case studies: Organizations that are seeing huge returns from modernizing corporate learning.

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Need proof that modernizing corporate learning is worth your time and effort?

We’ve got the stories to back it up. Top-performing organizations know that learning is a critical differentiator in today’s business world. And they’re not afraid to roll up their sleeves and swap their traditional L&D practices for a modern, agile approach. The result? Employees who are building, sustaining, sharing and applying knowledge to boost performance and generate measurable business impact.

In the final part of our Modernizing L&D series, we'll tell you about organizations that have successfully transformed their L&D practices. Specifically, we'll explore how these organizations:

  • Recognized the need to rethink their approach to learning.
  • Executed their modernization strategies and tactics.
  • Measured the impact of their modern learning ecosystems on the bottom line.

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   Carol Leaman



Carol Leaman is the CEO of Axonify, the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform. In 2012 alone, Leaman received three awards for presentations delivered on the future of learning. Leaman has recently been featured in leading publications such as Fortune magazine, Wired magazine, The Next Web and Business Insider.