More Than Just Content: Why Deep Skills Development Requires a Learning Ecosystem

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In today’s L&D landscape, content is often at the foundation of corporate training strategies. However, its role can be overestimated and misunderstood. Content is certainly important but not sufficient to provide an engaging and impactful learning experience that will ultimately drive transformation for individuals and organizations. During this interactive webinar, Jason Hathaway, Director, Content & Learning Solutions, will provide insights on:

  • Why and how to fight against the “sit & listen” approach to learning 
  • Why some learning strategies need to resemble marathons, not sprints
  • How to create an efficient learning ecosystem today

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   Jason Hathaway

   Director, Learning Solutions 


Jason is an alumnus of the University of Virginia, and has taught and worked at ESSEC, a top French Business School. His academic career has spanned two continents and he has published numerous books and articles on language, culture and society as well as given conferences on instructional design for professionals in higher education and adult learning.