Organizations investment in expanding employees’ performance capabilities to fit in leadership roles

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Most organizations have a leadership development program targeting high ceiling early career resources with the intention of developing them into future leaders for the company. The challenge with these programs is they are a short-term cost to the business with the long-term benefits being hard to measure. 

In this session you’ll learn how Cox Communications:

  • Created an early career leadership development program that simultaneously delivered immediate and measurable business value.
  • Developed a culture that fosters peer-learning and support.
  • Implemented a successful support structure to ensure management was equipped to grow the new resources.

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   Todd Lane

Todd Lane is a seasoned executive who has spent his career in a variety of roles including project management, finance, human resources, strategy, operations, and training. This wide variety of work started at the onset of his career as he entered the workforce with a large consulting firm in Chicago and then ten years with Cox Communications in Atlanta. While with Cox, Lane has led large strategic initiatives, managed the execution and financials for their new business incubator, set up the project management office for their newest product suite and created a new shared service organization that serves all of Cox Communications. The commonality in all of his work is his passion for helping people realize their potential.