Own Your Own Journey

Own Your Own Journey

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Do you want to increase your ability to meet both your organization’s needs and the needs of your people at the same time? Do you want to increase your ability to leverage existing opportunities for growth and development? How about getting more than the “usual suspects” to the table to diversify your organizational perspective? If you are invested in developing an approach to supporting a learning organization that will mobilize your people, this session is for you.  Carla Johnson, manager of HR strategies and initiatives for Advanced Education with the Alberta Public Service in Alberta Canada, will share with you an approach to developing individual capacity to create organizational impact that is currently underway in her organization. You will leave her session with the tools and the emergent approach to making this happen.

During this session, participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of an approach that enables individuals to take charge of their own development.
  • Leave with usable tools for developing their own organizational approach and shifting workplace culture through talent development.
  • Be able to identify how systems in their organizations can be harnessed for the benefit of individuals who will return value back to the organization through increased engagement.

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johnson_carla_sq1.jpg    Carla Johnson
Manager of HR Strategies & Initiatives
   Government of Alberta

Carla Johnson is an organizational development maven with the government of Alberta, Canada. She has spent her career creating opportunities for people to learn and build their skills, from guiding young learners in the education sector to supporting professionals in the public sector and the post-secondary system. Johnson is also an experienced entrepreneur and leader of strategic change; prone to making connections across unexpected ideas and people. Combined with her passion for building communities and situating her work within those communities she supports her partners in leveraging the strengths of the people around them to accomplish their goals. Johnson’s flare for innovating with and through others translates itself naturally into all her conversations, including her coaching practice. Johnson is committed to building capacity within networks of people to build relationships, organizations and their people. She looks forward to pushing the boundaries with you.