Retain & Train Your Top talent

Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Time: 2:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60-minutes

If your organization struggles with employee retention, and motivation and productivity are lagging or employees are less than enthusiastic about the same ol’ same ol’ training — it’s solution time! In this spotlight webinar, Stephanie Goetsch, head of organizational development at River Valley Bank, will share how to identify top talent in your organization with easy mapping tools and build responsive and customized development programs to engage, motivate and build a committed top-talent team. Together, we dive into specific program designs, how to easily incorporate technology without complicated and expensive LMS systems and how to evaluate and measure outcomes to drive business objectives. With plenty of time for questions and idea sharing, get ready for real solutions to Retain & Train Your Top Talent.

In this session, attendees will discover:

  • How to map employees to identify development needs while creating consistency and consensus among               senior leadership.
  • How to design, develop and deploy customized development programs to drive ideal culture, innovation and         needed behavior changes.
  • How to incorporate digital learning without an LMS.

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Goetsch (Stephanie) Headshot.jpg

   Stephanie Goetsch
Head of Organizational Development
   River Valley Bank

Stephanie Goetsch is a change-aholic, passionate about changing minds with learning, changing careers with coaching, changing businesses with innovation and design, and changing behaviors with performance coaching. 

Goetsch’s career foundation is in corporate human resources with strong experience in recruitment, employee relations and training. In 2010, she chased down bigger change and took the entrepreneurial leap, launching Spark Career Strategy. What began as dedicated career coaching for “what’s next?!” professionals blossomed into organizational development and human resources consulting, career and performance coaching and group training offerings. As the name suggests, Goetsch delivers both spark and strategy to each organization, client and speaking engagement. Now she leads organizational development at River Valley Bank.

A passionate learning and development pro, Goetsch thrives on creating targeted, results-oriented adult learning solutions for a wide range of specialties.