Solve the employee engagement challenge: Build a Coaching Culture

Date: Thursday, May 23, 2019

Time: 2:00 PM ET

Duration: 60-minutes

As more companies look to build leadership capacity and better engage their people, coaching cultures are becoming a hot topic of conversation. And with good reason—companies with coaching cultures are more than twice as likely to be classified as high-performing organizations and outperform their peers in internal mobility, bench strength and retention. But even though research shows how crucial employee engagement is to the success of a business, many companies still struggle with how to make it happen. To truly leverage the power of coaching within your organization, it must become an integral part of your company’s DNA—moving beyond something your people do to become something that defines who your leaders are. Pulling from nearly 25 years of experience coaching top-performing organizations and leaders, Daniel Harkavy, CEO/Founder of Building Champions will walk you through a process to build a scalable and sustainable coaching culture that will drive long-term engagement and deliver extraordinary results.

At the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Define what a coaching culture is
  • Identify the key steps needed to build a coaching culture
  • Construct an actionable plan to improve your coaching culture

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   Daniel Harkavy

   Founder, CEO & CEO Mentor 

   Building Champions

Daniel Harkavy has been coaching business leaders to peak levels of performance, profitability, and fulfillment for more than twenty-five years.

In 1996 he harnessed his passion for coaching leaders and teams to found Building Champions, where he serves as CEO and CEO Mentor. Daniel and his team of coaches have worked with thousands of clients and organizations to improve the way they lead and live.

Daniel is a sought-after author & speaker, most recently co-authoring Living Forward, a national best seller published in March 2016. Daniel also authored Becoming A Coaching Leader: The Proven Strategy for Building Your Own Team of Champions in April 2007.

As a CEO Mentor and trusted confidant, Daniel works with high profile leaders to improve their leadership, decision making, influence, and overall effectiveness. Daniel's emphatic belief is that self-leadership precedes team leadership, and his goal is to help his clients optimize how they lead themselves first, then focusing on how to best work with their executive teams and all key constituents in their organizations. He engages with clients in many forms including one-on-one executive coaching sessions, executive retreats, speaking engagements and custom experiences.

Some of the clients he has worked with include: Daimler Trucks North America, Nike, Chick-fil-A, Pfizer, Infineum (an ExxonMobil and Shell company), Bank of America, Wells Fargo, MetLife, PrimeLending, US Bank, Northwestern Mutual, Morgan Stanley, Prudential, Merrill Lynch and many others.