The Business Case for Human-Centered Design

Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Time: 2:00 PM ET

Duration: 60-minutes

Human-centred design (HCD) is sweeping business because of the way it profoundly reconfigures how companies develop strategy, solve their most pressing problems and successfully compete in an era of constant change.

But is there any hard evidence that HCD has a measurable impact?

There is. Design Management Institute found that S&P 500 companies who use HCD outperform their competitors by 211 percent. Forrester Research found that organizations with sophisticated HCD capabilities can deliver an ROI of 85% or greater on their innovation initiatives.

Join Tom Merrill, Master Facilitator at ExperiencePoint, for a 45-minute webinar to learn:

  • The foundations of HCD and how the approach can be used across an organization to drive customer-centricity, innovation and people-led transformation
  • The fundamental steps required to build a design-led organization, including how to sell HCD internally
  • How innovative companies are using HCD as a competitive advantage to drive record growth and success
  • The potential barriers to innovation and how to overcome them
  • An approach to measure the overall impact of HCD in practice

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   Tom Merrill

Tom Merrill is a Master Facilitator at ExperiencePoint and has facilitated sessions for Microsoft, Cisco Systems, State Farm Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, Watson Scientific, Exelon, Bayer Pharmaceuticals and other Fortune 500 companies. In the summer of 2018, he was a featured facilitator at the C2 conference in Montreal.

Prior to joining ExperiencePoint, Tom was a professor and the Associate Provost for Academic Initiatives, Innovation and Strategic Planning at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Xavier University Center for Innovation (CFI) works with students, faculty and staff across the university to help bring new ideas to life, adapt to change, develop new products and systems and serve as a conduit to the regional startup ecosystem.

Dynamic, engaging and insightful, Tom Merrill welcomes every audience with a warm style that inspires participants to learn. An active composer and conductor, Tom finds that his formal training in music offers a unique perspective on creativity, human-centered design and innovation.

Tom also has a passion for cooking and, when he has time, loves to prepare multi-course meals for friends and family. Tom lives with his wife, Theresa, in Cincinnati, Ohio.