The Leadership Challenge

Gen Z to Boomer: How Views and Expectations of Leadership Differ

Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Time: 2:00 PM ET

Duration: 60-minutes

Who is tapped to lead next at your company? Are they interested in jumping on the leadership pipeline? What do they expect from leaders? They may define “leadership” differently than we’re used to seeing it.

Join us as we debrief our findings on our new study: The Leadership Challenge: How Different Generations See It. In this exhaustive study of more than 2000 workers spanning the range of generations, we look at how views differ and what it will take to lead the next generations.

Specifically, we’ll discuss our findings related to:

  • How generational views of leadership vary, including expectations of leaders and their ideas about the best ways to develop leaders.
  • How interested employees, by generation, are in becoming leaders in their organizations, and what does that entail?
  • Are there important differences by generation or do other differences matter more, like Career Stage, Education Level, Family Status.

We investigated all of these important questions and will share them during this webinar.

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   Michelle Eppler

   Dean, College of Continuing and Professional Education

   Associate Vice President, Human Capital Lab  

   Bellevue University

Dr. Michelle Eppler is a highly respected education professional who combines her expertise in effective learning with leading-edge research conducted by Bellevue University’s Human Capital Lab.

As Associate Vice President for Bellevue University, Dr. Eppler directs the Human Capital Lab, a think tank dedicated to discovering the links between learning and human capital and unlocking the long-term potential of human capital investment.

In her role as Dean of the University’s College of Continuing and Professional Education, she has been responsible for significant learning program innovation, including custom degree programs developed for corporate partners, short, focused learning programs, and leadership development pathway programs.

SarahDSC00930-2-2 SQ

   Sarah Kimmel

   Vice President, Research & Advisory Services    

   Human Capital Media

Sarah Kimmel oversees the research division of Human Capital Media, which publishes Chief Learning Officer and Workforce magazines. She develops and delivers research and analysis that is relevant and important to human capital leaders across a broad range of human resource disciplines.

Before joining the company in 2012, Kimmel accrued more than 12 years of experience as a business research consultant on human capital projects, specializing in learning, performance, leadership development and knowledge management. As a learning research strategist on Accenture’s global capability development strategy team, she applied special expertise in the design, implementation and analysis of learning research, including human capital program measurement strategy.

Kimmel received a Bachelor of Arts with distinction from Shimer College and attended graduate school in the Master of Arts program in social sciences at the University of Chicago.