The Value of Strategic HR Improvement: Building a Case for Your Next HR Investment

Date: Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Time: 2:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60-minutes

30 years ago, 60% of the market capitalization of a company was tangible assets.  Today’s organizations increasingly rely on intangibles as the source of their competitive advantage.  PWC’s annual CEO survey shows that CEOs increasingly speak about people as their “most important asset”.  This means that HR are increasingly seen less as administrative overhead and more as a strategic business partner.  What should HR do with their seat at the executive table?

 Learn how to change from transactional to transformation in support of the Business:

  • Understand methods and approaches by which you can create a compelling reason for your next HR investment.
  • Show executive leaders how HR’s efforts are central to their most important strategic asset.
  • Learn how to use fundamental techniques to build a case for your next HR investment by integrating process improvement, maturity models, benchmarking and - most importantly - the real measurable financial impact into your conversations.

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   Lyn J. Craven

Lyn Craven is a seasoned Business professional with nearly 15 years of award-winning experience driving executive HCM strategy and innovation.  Lyn has achieved remarkable results for dozens of iconic clients. She has a track record of creating and implementing leading practices with consistent multimillion dollar impacts, achieving success via a proven ability to create long-term business value balanced with immediate actions for success.

Over the years, Lyn has received awards from various employers for her thought leadership, innovation and dedication and she believes in building strong relationships with her business partners and clients.

It is her passion to transform organizations by asking the right questions, creating a platform for success and removing obstacles to strategic goal achievement.  Ensuring her client’s success is Lyn’s top priority.